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"If only I could Help more People"

As healthcare professionals, we have all experienced the feeling “If only I could help more people” but we are only human. We can only see just so many people a day, a week, or a month. We have all of this tremendous amount of knowledge and experience; all this tremendous mental ability to help even more people than our time and physical limits allow us to do – but we just cannot physically see more people than we are now seeing.

Well, now allows us to use some of our free time to help people who may otherwise not receive help from anyone - and to do so from the comfort and convenience of our home. Think of someone who lives in Nome, Alaska. The closest dermatology provider to that person lives 519 miles away – or over 9 hours away by car – in Fairbanks, Alaska. If someone in Nome, Alaska develops a worrisome problem on his or her skin which worries them, how long would it be before that person is able to travel the 519 miles to Fairbanks to show that skin finding to a dermatology provider?

With, you are able to use free moments to help exactly such a person as our Nome, Alaska example above.

With, you can sign up and create an account and, if you have a few free moments in the evening – after, for example, putting the children to bed and while waiting for your favorite TV program to start – log on to and review as few or as many images as you wish. On the other hand, you may be a retired Dermatologist who wishes to remain somewhat active in the profession you love, but you wish to do so on your own schedule without the demands of office hours and schedules. Therefore, by reviewing a few cases a day - or a few cases every few days - on you do so on your own schedule and for your own professional satisfaction. You just might be the person who brings peace of mind to someone like our Nome, Alaska example above.

Therefore, please consider using as little or as much of your free time as you wish to help someone who may otherwise not receive help for his or her skin problem. You will feel the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped someone who may otherwise not have been helped.

Click here to create a new account on and help even more people - on your own schedule and at your own pace!